2014 Wrap-Up and Eligibility

First thing’s first: 

“Homegrown Tomatoes” went up at Escape Pod last week! Swiftly followed by their eligibility post for 2014. Which reminded me, I really needed to make one of those. So here it is!

I, as a writer, am eligible for the Campbell Award this year (my final year of eligibility), along with many other fine souls (check out Carmen Maria Machado, Sam J. Miller, Usman Tanveer Malik, Alyssa Wong, Lisa Bolekaja, and Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam among others) 

My short story “Chopin’s Eyes,” in Strange Horizons July 7 issue is eligible for the Nebulas and the Hugos and any other 2014 fantasy award, I suppose. 

Now, on to the good stuff: stories you should be reading and considering.

Novel-wise, I haven’t read a lot of stuff that came out THIS YEAR (lots of old musty stuff from the 30s, more like), but I definitely recommend:

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club, by Genevieve Valentine

City of Stairs, by Robert Jackson Bennett 

The Waking Engine, by David Edison

In terms of short stories, here we go, in no particular order:

“The Stink of Horses: Excerpts from the Marina Golovina Controversy,” Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Hobart

“The Husband Stitch,” Carmen Maria Machado, Granta

“A Kiss With Teeth,” Max Gladstone, Tor.com

“The Devil in America," Kai Ashante Wilson. Tor.com

"Anna Saves Them All,” Seth Dickinson, Shimmer

Anyway, Angie,” Daniel José Older, Tor.com

“To Waste,” Luke Pebler, Escape Pod

“Insurrection in Silk,” Gillian Conahan, Apex Magazine

Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family,” Usman Tanveer Malik, originally appearing in Qualia Nous

“Kenneth: A User’s Manual,” Sam J. Miller, Strange Horizons

“The Heat of Us: Notes Toward an Oral History,” Sam J. Miller, Uncanny Magazine

“Medu,” Lisa Bolekaja, Long Hidden

“Nine,” Kima Jones, Long Hidden

“Ffydd,” S. Lynn, Long Hidden

“The Witch of Tarup,” Claire Humphrey, Long Hidden

(I really liked Long Hidden a lot, okay?)

It’s possible that not all of these are eligible for all the awards, as some are, I believe, semi-pro zines, but you should probably read and share them anyway, because they’re awesome.

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