Cabaret with a Touch of Fantasy: Revealing the Cover for Amberlough

I knew they were going to print whatever I sent them, when they asked me about my reaction to the cover.

That didn’t stop me from committing complete idiocy. My honest reaction was “HOLY —-,” repeated loudly, several times over, to an empty apartment. 

And I AM so glad to see Aristide on the cover. I’m glad to have the diversity of the book present in a visual, unignorable way.

But, what I wish I had had the presence of mind to say? This is so incredible, to see characters I’ve carried with me made…not quite flesh, but more real by someone else’s rendering of them. I have drawn them both a million times, but to see someone else’s vision of Aristide and Cordelia means someone else thought about them, enough to imagine what they looked like.

That someone is the incredible artist Victo Ngai, who deserves your reverence.

I hope people judge my book by it’s cover. Because this cover is gorgeous.

Cabaret with a Touch of Fantasy: Revealing the Cover for Amberlough

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