The Green Volume

Every year, my Clarion class (the Awkward Robots of 2012) puts out an anthology of our work. It’s free, technically, but we really hope you’ll donate (any amount!). All of our proceeds go straight to the Clarion Foundation, whose good work brought us all together and turned us into the writers and artists we are today.

So check out The Green Volume. It’s got a prequel story to Sam J. Miller’s smash YA hit The Art of Starving (called “Allosaurus Burgers”), unaired goodies from Sam’s Storyological interview (a magnificent podcast run by AwkBots E.G. Cosh and Chris Kammerud), short fiction and poetry from the other AwkBots, and my personal contribution: a cut scene from Amberlough.

What are you waiting for? Go get it!

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