Send A Friend to Amberlough

Hello friends! The paperback edition of Amberlough comes out on February 13. Are you as excited as I am? I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’m willing to be convinced.

In celebration (and because I just moved, and we’re trying get rid of stuff, and I still have a bunch of author copies) I am doing a sort of refer-a-friend giveaway!

If you read Amberlough and loved it, and you have friend you think would love it just as much, tweet at me (@larazontally) and at them (@yourfriendsusernamehere) and hashtag that business #SendAFriendToAmberlough. Tell me, and your friend, why they would love Amberlough City in all its messy, glamorous glory.

You can tweet multiple times, (@)ing one friend per tweet. That’ll give you, the recommender, more chances to win!

Three lucky friends will get a personalized, illustrated, autographed hardback and a dope little button. You, the recommender, will get a dope little button, and–since you’ve already read the book and probably own it–a paperback cover flat with an illustration of your favorite character on the back!

(A cover flat is basically the cover of the book, without the book inside; yeah, I didn’t know these were a thing either until they showed up in the mail.)

So if you’ve got glam-gay-cabaret-craving friends, get tweeting! Contest runs through 2/13.

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