It’s that time of year…

When the world falls in love starts making posts about awards eligibility.

It’s been a slow publication year for me (though lord knows, plenty busy in many other respects, such as 1. losing my job, 2. moving house, 3. getting a new job, 4. leaving that job for a teaching position, 5. learning to teach, 6. also yeah, writing a book, and 7. coming up with pitches for some more books to write once that’s done).

All that I have eligible this year is Armistice. Well, “all” makes it sound like a paltry thing but Oho! It is not. It is a tale of diplomacy, family, grief, global politics, gun running, and revolution. I wrote the first draft in about three months, give or take a couple of weeks, and I think it’s damn fine for being created under such time constraints. It’s the sequel to Amberlough, which you might remember from the 2017 Nebula finalists for Best Novel, and the 2017 Lambda finalists for Best SFF. 

Armistice is eligible for the Nebula, the Hugo, the Lambda, and whatever other awards there are for 2018 books about gay stuff and espionage. Maybe we should make an award just for that. I would read all those books. 

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