Where I Will Be!

Amnesty comes out in less than five weeks, and my calendar is already filling up. I’ll be up and down the eastern sea board, and while I couldn’t fit in an event in Louisville, I’ll be swinging through and signing a load of books at Carmichael’s for you to purchase at your leisure (they’ll probably show up in the shop in the last two weeks of April).

SO, with all that in mind, let me give you the rundown. Cross reference these events with your location and schedule, and maybe we’ll see each other’s faces next month!


April 1 – Lady Jane’s Salon: I’ll definitely be reading from Armistice, and might even wiggle a sneak peek of Amnesty in there for fun.

April 16 – Amnesty Launch at Astoria Bookshop: The good people of Astoria Bookshop have invited us back for the third and final Dossier book launch. There is usually wine and always fancy dressers. If tradition wins out, we will be adjourning to Sek’end Sun for decidedly less fancy burgers, beers, and chats after! Also id tradition bears out, I will inevitably end up tipsily telling ill-advised-and impolite stories about pack animals.


April 26-28 – The Providence Book Festival: We haven’t finalized the schedule yet, but I will be in providence on these dates and at some point I will probably appear on panels and perhaps give a reading. More updates to come!


May 4 – OutWrite Presents: The Future is still Very Queer: OutWrite and East City Books are partnering up to present this awesome reading and discussion with me, Rashid Darden, and Nibedita Sen. Moderated by Marianne Kirby. This. Is Going. To be. AWESOME. Also, I’m also 75% certain that I remember someone telling me East City has a bar.


Hahaha, jk. I’m going to Copenhagen this summer but don’t actually have any events planned there. If you know the city and have good restaurant and sight-seeing recs though, @ me on that ol’ Twitter machine!

If you don’t see your city on this list and you’re bummed about it, ask your local indie if they want to host an event! They can either contact my publicist (Desirae Friesen) or reach out directly to me!

If your city IS on this list…well then! See you soon!

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