Hugos and Campbells and Stories, Oh My!

There are just two weeks left to nominate work for the Hugo Awards, and I’ve got some stakes in this game. My story, “Chopin’s Eyes,” which came out in Strange Horizons last summer, is eligible for the short story category. It’s a sexy historical fantasy piece about romantic music and demonic possession, featuring George Sand … More Hugos and Campbells and Stories, Oh My!

BOOK ALERT: I’m overjoyed to announce that my debut novel–a sexy spy thriller called Amberlough–has just been acquired by Diana Pho at Tor Books. Look for it in Fall 2016!

Who Is Your City?

Follow the link for the city-building workshop I taught this afternoon at the Nottingham Festival of Words! My students were all brilliant and came up with beautiful ideas. I think they taught each other more than I taught them. **A note: That paragon of excellence, ellenkushner, reblogged this and mentioned non-fiction reference books. We chatted … More Who Is Your City?

The Sausage Factory, or: My writing process, a chain letter

The illustrious Carmen Machado (@carmenmmachado), one of my many talented classmates from Clarion 2012, invited me to participate in this blog tour, in which we talk about our writing processes (pronounce that with a long “e;” it sounds more sophisticated). She was invited by Sofia Samatar, who was invited by Daniel Jose Older, and so on. … More The Sausage Factory, or: My writing process, a chain letter

A Lump in the Throat

Hello, internet. The writing progresses, despite the patent insanity of working two restaurant jobs at once. It amounts to a full time job and a half. Every day including weekends. But it keeps the bills paid and the groceries coming in. In the chinks of time between novelling, shuffling scenes in short stories, and dishing … More A Lump in the Throat