A blog post about a future blog post

This is sort of goofy, but I feel like if I write it I will be more likely to actually follow up with the post I am about to promise to write.

Louisville, KY is an awesome city. It’s a city of horses, restaurants, bourbon and beer. It is the city to which I will shortly be moving. It is also the setting of my beloved urban fantasy novel, which I am currently editing the snot out of.

In service of that valiant effort, as well as in service of job and apartment hunting, I will be in Louisville in a few weeks to snoop around the city, take pictures, ask questions, and confirm little book details like “are there bells on the door at Blue Dog Bakery?” and “How badly does a car need to be damaged to excite interest at the impound lot?”

So this post is to promise you a post about my writerly perambulations around Possibility City, with many pictures. If I don’t deliver, may the god of the blogosphere strike me down.

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