Nick Mamatas, bass clarinets, revisions, and is it summer yet?

Good morning, all! Aren’t you just dancing with glee that it’s finally Friday? I know I am. Dancing. By sitting in my office chair. Not dancing. *flail*

Some links on this fine day for your enjoyment. First comes via Coilhouse: Edmund Welles, a group I had never heard of before this morning (this is probably true for a lot of people, actually), is pretty much as badass a chamber music group as you can find. Four bass clarinets, all wailing on pieces that sound like heavy metal if heavy metal had been invented by medieval monks. Yeah. Wrap your brain around THIS.

Secondly, Nick Mamatas on 10 pieces of advice that writers should stop giving other writers. Given some of the stuff I’ve been reading lately, number one rings especially true. You don’t WANT to crush people’s dreams but sometimes you really ought to, so they can get some perspective. Or get some new dreams.

Finally, I eagerly await the arrival of summer, as I’m sure you all do. I will be jetting off to Clarion come

You know, HERE!

June, and following that exhausting but doubtlessly enlightening experience to a visit to

AUSTIN, TX (!!!!!!!)

to visit my dear, bizarre friend

@FormaldehydeFce, whom I have not clapped eyes upon in a good several years. Half a decade? A long freaking time. And then, when all the fun and games are over, it will be time to publish that bestseller and get to that whole living in the lap of luxury thing.

Or, you know, to job hunt.

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