Lara Elena Donnelly’s Store | Society6

Hi friends! As some of you may know (if you’re on the ol’ Patreon) I do a lot of scribbling in the artistic way, not just the fiction way. It’s always been a part of my creative process, and I’m very excited to share it with people not just as an “I did this in order to write a thing better” way, but also in a purely visual, “this is not necessarily related to my writing at all” kind of way.

The point is: I’ve started a Society6 page. Some of it’s Dossier-related (you can get a print of that delightful watercolor of the gang ringing in 2019), and some of it is just things I’ve made with my hands and eyes for the pure joy of it (sketches of Degas’ bronze horses). 

Of course, I don’t want at all to intrude on people’s mental images of the Dossier characters–you all delight me constantly with your own art. So think of this as my fan art, of my own work. This is how they look to me. However they look to you, that’s valid too! And I would love to see it. Seeing it brings me joy.

There isn’t a whole lot of stuff on offer right now (cleaning scanned art on Photoshop is LABOR INTENSIVE!), but I’m hoping to beef up the offerings in the weeks and months to come. Drop by on and off to see what’s new!

Lara Elena Donnelly’s Store | Society6

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